1.    How can I get involved with Bulletproof?

- There are several different ways to get involved including signing up for a program,  purchasing merchandise, and following our social media pages. The best way to continuously be informed on the new things being developed within Bulletproof Company is signing up for our monthly newsletter at the bottom of this page. This will keep you up-to-date on all new things Bulletproof is offering, which trust us… will be a lot over the next few years.

 2.    Why does Bulletproof Human Performance exist?

- In a few words, BHP exists to create a culture of leaders at home and across the world that take ownership over their daily lives, who believe in progress not perfection, and to create a strong community of like minded men and women. 

3.    Is 40 Bullets a workout program?

- No!! The 40 Bullets program is a personal development program that exists to create a lifestyle where daily habits MATTER. You will spend 40 days doing 7 key things to improve your daily life, subsequently changing your entire lifestyle after the 40 days is completed.

4.    If I sign up for a 40 Bullets class, what is included with my purchase?

- By joining a 40 Bullets class you will receive a PDF manual walking you through the structure of your next 40 days and how to succeed best in the program. You will be given a whole community of men and women as you will be placed in an accountability group with the entire class. Lastly, you will be invited into periodic ZOOM calls to check-in and coach you through the process.

5.    How do I contact the Bulletproof team?

- Please email info@bulletproof.company, or reach out to us on our Facebook or Instagram Pages: @Bulletproofhp