A community of men focused on mindset. Our goal is to help you achieve the most elite version of yourself through high-level accountability & teamwork. This group will focus on mental, physical & spiritual development. 

1) Monthly community call

2) Weekly workouts

3) 1 Book sent monthly 

4) 2x Bible books monthly 

5) Access to COBRA Summit every August

6) Community Chat, Training profile, GAT

7) 2x training competitions monthly 

Payments will be made monthly at $200 or $2000 annually.

Customer Reviews

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TJ Reiley
Changed my life forever! COBRA CASE IS LEGIT

Really hard for me to put this into a review due to the massive impact Cobra/Bulletproof has had on my life in a short 4 months.
With the expectation of a baby boy on the way I wasn’t sure as to what I needed to do to even get started on getting my s*** together. Thanks to PJ, who recently had his first little legend, he was kind enough to think of me when recruiting more COBRA guys. COULD NOT THANK HIM ENOUGH.
Very skeptical for the first month, just didn’t know what I was getting into, but I just stayed with the program, finally started working out again (forgot how good it feels to feel strong and look good), stayed on top of my daily habits (what I was/was not putting my energy into), and also had a group of guys that genuinely wanted to see me win (accountability, community, guidance) !!!!

All of these little things that Carson and Cobra implement have such a great impact if you stay committed to the task.
Cobra can’t make u want to be better. COBRA can’t make u elite. unless u want to be.
Cobra makes sure you are doing the essentials to building strong health, wealth, and legacy!
I was the guy who smoked weed and played video games, went to work but just “went to work”, constantly distant from my mom dad girlfriend, would say “idk” if I believe in anything(in reference to faith), always made excuses for things that wouldn’t go my way, did not workout because I playded college lacrosse “im fine”.
JUST LOSER MENTALITY! I never felt like a loser but I was being a loser in my own mind that is what kicked it off for me. After 2 months like a full 2 months I seen major progression, my girlfriend had recognized my growth, my mom and dad had both been so much more uplifted due to me making sure I called them every other day just to check in and be their son. I talk to god and read scripture daily, lost two grandparents during cobra and to be honest god is what kept me strong for my family. My work life progressed immensely my attitude my “why” my everything, I got a 3$ raise also I’m pursuing a career in investment real estate while I have this job I’m happy at. I have a plan. And a family .

It was my MINDSET. It was my FAITH And it definitely was my HEALTH. Top three things that set me up to be a 1%. I will never not be cobra I will never stop self development. COBRA STYLE

-T.J. Reiley (Tidge)

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