Thank you for your interest in collaborating with Bulletproof Company for the third class of the signature program "40 Bullets." In short, 40 Bullets is a program that requires you to complete 7 daily disciplines every single day for 40 days straight. These disciplines are as follows:

  1. drink 1 gallon of water
  2. read 1 chapter of any book you choose
  3. wake up on or before a time of your choosing
  4. weigh-in on a scale
  5. stick to a "diet" of your choosing
  6. encourage 1 person
  7. complete a 40 minute workout

All registrants receive a 40 Bullets PDF manual of how to execute and complete the 40 day challenge, a Facebook group for accountability, as well as periodic ZOOM calls in order to motivate & coach you throughout the 40 days. 


1. Post a total of 6 story posts throughout the 40 days tagging @the40bullets. This can be done once a week

2. Post 1 feed post throughout the 40 days sharing your program experience  


1. Free 40 Bullets class ($40 value)

2. $10 cash bonus PER person that you refer to the program for the remainder of the 2021 year (5 classes total). You will receive a personalized code that your network can use for 10% off (example: SARAH10) and this is how earnings will be calculated.

3. Free Bulletproof product of your choosing: hat, t-shirt, or water bottle.



The guidelines for acceptable content are simple. Be authentic to who you are + your existing content AND tag @the40bullets. There are 7 disciplines in the 40 Bullets challenge, feel free to showcase any or all of them and how you've integrated them into your life. You will see examples of workouts, water, checklists, encouragement & life change in the photos above.